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I am a trouble man,
A walking hurricane with a stiff conscious
I am an opaque glow behind a storm cloud,
And I am that storm cloud.
My only console an egotistical sense of depravity,
My only persistence in living stemming from what I don’t have,
And my childlike sense of deserving those things.
You are not anything I could ever deserve;
You’re a shooting star and I am just a lost comet,
Ice breaks from my body and drifts off into space, nothing
While I descend into a crash course that carries me through every hard obstacle in the cosmos
Soon I will be dust carried by the currents of gravity through a void.
Where I return into form there are mountains, clouds spilling over their crests
Strange, I thought
Even clouds must climb the mountains here
There are some obstacles none of us can simply drift through, and I can’t rest until they’ve all been broken through
I do not feel anguish towards you, for leaving
But when I look at the world without you, it seems like nothing special
All the trees and mountains and clouds, I could do without them on a whim
If but to feel the touch of your hand, and the security of your love

But dreams aren’t ever true here.
People here do not sleep
They never rest and they never have dreams
And so they build houses at the base of the mountain
I’ve already died of exhaustion before reaching the top
The air here is thin and I am not the material for climbing
Somewhere along the lines the brain of a hero was thrown into the body of a boy
The two collided like rocks in space
And I am here now, though without form or purpose
And all I want is to go back, to when we were together
So that I could look at you and my brain and body could part ways again, for a while
They were never meant to come together in the first place

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